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Six ministries issued a document requesting the rational implementation of electrical energy substitution to promote air polluti

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2018/04/02 10:39
Provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities, Development and Reform Commission, Economic and Information Commission (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Industry and Inf
About Deepening the Supply-side Structural Reform
Doing a Good Job in Power Demand Side Management under the New Situation
Development and Reform Operation [2017] No. 1690
Provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities, Development and Reform Commission, Economic and Information Commission (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology), Price Bureau, Department of Finance (bureau), Housing and Construction Department, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Energy Administration, Beijing Municipal Urban Management Committee, and National Energy Administration Send out energy regulatory agencies, China Electricity Council, State Grid Corporation of China, and China Southern Grid Corporation:
Since the 2010 “Demand for Electricity Demand Side Management” was issued, all relevant departments and enterprises have actively promoted the electric power demand side management in accordance with the concepts of scientific electricity consumption, electricity saving, and orderly electricity consumption, and are promoting the balance of electric power supply and demand and protecting key users. Electricity plays an important role. In recent years, China’s economy has entered a new normal, the power supply and demand situation is relatively loose, the external situation and connotation of the power demand side management has undergone major changes, and the direction and focus of work needs to be adjusted in time. In order to implement the relevant deployment of supply-side structural reforms and promote cooperation and coordination between the supply side and the demand side, we hereby notify the following matters concerning the further implementation of power demand side management in the new situation.
I. The electricity demand side management has achieved positive results in recent years
After the current "Demand Side Management Approach" was issued, related departments and local governments have their own responsibility, power grid companies fully cooperate, and power users actively participate. Whether it is the balance of security during the tense period or the energy efficiency during the loose period, the power demand side management Played a very important role.
(1) The orderly use of electricity is continuously regulated, and it has become an important means to ensure the balance between supply and demand of electricity. The first is to strengthen policy guidance. The National Development and Reform Commission promulgated the "Administrative Measures for Orderly Use of Electricity," clarifying the division of responsibilities among government departments, power grid companies, and power users in ensuring the balance between supply and demand of electricity, as well as prioritizing the protection of residents' lives in the event of insufficient power supply and unexpected events. The principle of using electricity in public facilities has better implemented the people-centered development concept. The second is a sound working system. Formed a national, provincial, municipal multi-level linkage, government-led, power grid implementation, user-oriented scientific management system, established a complete working mechanism for the record, detection, publicity, drills, and implementation, both to improve the efficiency of work and ensure that Implementation Effect. The third is scientific and accurate implementation. During peak summer hours, the peak load transferred by orderly use of electricity reached a maximum of 16 million kilowatts, effectively guaranteeing a balance between electricity supply and demand and social stability.
(b) Actively guide electricity conservation and become an effective measure for energy conservation and emission reduction. First, power grid companies actively fulfill their social responsibilities and complete the tasks of power demand side management target responsibility assessment. In accordance with the relevant requirements of the "Circular on Implementation of the Electricity Demand Side Management Objectives Responsibilities Assessment Program (Trial)" (Development and Reform Operation [2011] No. 2407) issued by the grid company, grid companies have actively taken measures to promote their own energy saving and social saving. . In 2012-2016, the cumulative savings of electricity was 55.3 billion kwh, saving 12.68 million kilowatts of electricity, exceeding the target of 13.1 billion kwh and 3.59 million kilowatts respectively. Second, the city's comprehensive pilot project has further explored the advanced experience and model of power demand side management. Four pilot cities in Beijing, Suzhou, Tangshan and Foshan combine their own load characteristics and work foundations to actively play the role of financial funds and continuously explore technological innovations and institutional innovations in power demand side management, through energy-efficient power plants and demand response. With a series of comprehensive measures, the cumulative peak load was 2.83 million kilowatts or more during 2013-2015. The third is the healthy development of the electric energy service industry. Through various means such as financial support, price incentives, and market-oriented mode exploration, the electric energy service industry has developed rapidly, and the energy-saving service industry has basically formed a competitive situation, laying a solid foundation for the reform of the power sales side.
(3) The scientific use of electricity continues to advance and become an important part of the economic operation. The first is the initial completion of the layout of the information platform. The National Power Demand Side Management Platform was successfully put into operation, the provincial power demand side management platform basically achieved full coverage, the enterprise-level electric energy service management platform developed rapidly, and the national-provincial-enterprise information platform structure was basically completed, and the synergy effect was fully realized. Monitoring, macroeconomic analysis and other work have been digitized, networked, and visualized. The second is the gradual deepening of demand response work. In 2014, based on the market-based demand response pilots in which grid companies, load integrators, and industrial users jointly participated, Shanghai extended the scope of implementation to commercial construction. In 2015, Jiangsu province took the lead in fulfilling demand response across the province. In 2016, the maximum response load reached 3.45 million kilowatts.
Second, fully understand the current situation in power demand side management
As China’s economic development has entered a new normal, the “13th Five-Year Plan” period has witnessed a slow growth in electricity consumption, and the power supply capacity is adequate. The overall power supply and demand has been tight, and the tension between local supply and demand has been transformed into overall easing and the local supply surplus. The situation has been A profound change has taken place. At the same time, the construction of ecological civilization, the revolution of energy consumption, and the promotion of a new round of reform of the power system have provided new opportunities for development in the power demand side management and also put forward new work requirements.
(I) Faced with a new situation. First, the overall supply and demand of electricity exceeds demand. In recent years, as economic development has entered a new normal, the growth rate of electricity consumption in the entire society has gradually slowed down. The average annual growth during the “12th Five-Year Plan” period was 5.7%. At the same time, the growth rate of power installations was rapid, and the average annual growth during the “12th Five-Year Plan” period. 9.3% As of the end of 2016, the installed capacity of electric power in the country had reached 1.65 billion kilowatts. The situation of oversupply of demand has become more apparent. The focus of power demand-side management needs to shift from the balance of supply and demand to the goal of diversification. Second, the contradiction between renewable energy sources is prominent. With the slowdown in electricity growth and the rapid growth in the installed capacity of renewable energy, the contradiction between abandoned water, abandoned wind, and abandoned light has become increasingly prominent. In 2016, the nation's water discharge capacity was 50 billion kwh, an increase of 85.2% year-on-year; wind-discharge capacity was 49.7 billion kwh, an increase of 46.6% year-on-year; and abandoned electricity was 7.4 billion kwh, an increase of 57.4% year-on-year.
(b) Provide new opportunities. First, the "13th Five-Year Plan" energy-saving and emission reduction work plan requires strengthening the power demand side management. In December 2016, the State Council issued the “13th Five-Year Plan for Energy-saving and Emission-reducing Comprehensive Work Programs” that clearly requires strengthening of the power demand side management, building a power demand side management platform, promoting electric energy services, summing up pilot experiences, and encouraging users to actively adopt energy conservation. Technical products, optimize the use of electricity. Second, the new round of power system reform has put forward new requirements for power demand side management. Zhongfa No. 9 document clearly stated that it actively implements demand side management and energy efficiency management, and promotes supply and demand balance and energy conservation and emission reduction by using modern information technology, cultivating electric energy services, and implementing demand response.
(C) to develop new connotations. Electricity demand side management is an important part of supply-side structural reforms. The demand side of the power is the supply side of the user. Doing a good job in the management of the power demand side will help improve the efficiency of the company and reduce the cost of the real economy. The in-depth advancement of structural reforms on the supply side objectively calls for the effective use of important tools for demand-side management, cooperation with the supply side, and coordinated advancement. New tasks and new issues for structural reforms on the supply side should be closely linked with new breakthroughs. Electricity demand side management is an effective starting point for advancing the reform of “distribution service”. To deepen and decentralize government power, integrate management, and optimize service reforms, it is necessary to greatly improve the quality and efficiency of public service services that are closely related to the lives of the people. It is an important way to implement the reform requirements of “distribution services” by continuously strengthening the power supply services of residents and other key users through power demand side management, and promoting power grid companies to guarantee power supply, improve the reliability of electric energy, and optimize electric energy services. Power demand side management is a key means to promote the consumption of renewable energy. The intermittent, random, and uncontrollable nature of renewable energy power generation requires higher and higher requirements on the flexibility of demand-side power load curves. By deepening the promotion of power demand side management, key technologies such as energy storage and electrical energy substitution are actively developed. Promoting large-scale friendly interaction between the supply side and the user side is an important means to promote the full occurrence of renewable energy.
Third, to further improve the power demand side of the management of the new situation
Under the new situation, in addition to continuing to do a good job in power-related power saving and promoting energy-saving and emission-reduction, all relevant units should stick to the problem-oriented approach and focus on the following tasks:
(I) Advance the reform of the power system. Detailed implementation of the preferential power purchase system, combined with the orderly use of electricity, further researches will be carried out to refine and reform the categories and protection methods for the advancement of priority buyers, achieve market promotion and protection of the people’s livelihood, and promote the development of market mechanisms. , Summarize the pilot experience of demand response, timely promote it to the whole country, further improve the market-based mechanism in the demand response work, and accumulate experience for the power market construction.
(b) Implementation of electrical energy replacement. All relevant departments and enterprises should implement energy substitution in the demand-side area, promote air pollution control, expand the electricity consumption market, and expand new economic growth points. It is necessary to continuously innovate the field of electric energy substitution, alternative methods and alternative content, and further expand the scope and scale of electric energy substitution.
(c) promote the consumption of renewable energy. All relevant departments and enterprises should strengthen the synergistic interaction between consumption and production, promote the effective consumption and utilization of renewable energy from the demand side, and promote green energy transformation and greenhouse gas emission reduction.
(D) improve the level of smart electricity. All relevant departments and enterprises must promote the integration of information and communication technologies with electricity consumption technologies to promote advances in electricity technology, improve efficiency and organizational reform, innovate electricity consumption management modes, nurture new forms of electric energy services, and increase the level of intelligent management of electricity demand side. .
In light of the new situation and new tasks, we have revised the current "Power Demand Side Management Measures." In the process of implementation, all relevant units should establish the concept of “the demand side of electricity is the supply side of the user” and effectively play an important role in demand side management to promote the supply side structural reform. The “Power Demand Side Management Measures” issued on January 1, 2011 was repealed at the same time.
National Development and Reform Commission
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
Ministry of Finance
Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department
State Council SASAC
National Energy Board
September 20, 2017
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