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Let you know the air source heat pump dehumidification dryer in all industries drying application

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2018/04/02 10:42
In recent years, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection, air source heat pump dryers have become more and more widely used, especially in the fields of agricultural product drying,
In recent years, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection, air source heat pump dryers have become more and more widely used, especially in the fields of agricultural product drying, aquatic product drying, and Chinese herbal medicine drying. This article will show you the application prospects of air-source heat pump dryers in industrial drying, agricultural product drying and aquatic product drying.
In the first half of this year, a number of provinces and cities across the country have issued relevant policies for “reducing coal and prohibiting coal”. As one of the best alternatives to burning coal, air source heat pumps have become more popular due to features such as energy saving, environmental protection, and safety. . The "coal to electricity" fire burned the entire northern region and also ignited the passion of the entire heat pump industry. Agricultural production fields, industrial and agricultural drying fields, civilian heating and hot water fields, commercial heating and cooling and hot water fields, industrial high temperature special applications, etc., are setting off a thorough and comprehensive heat source revolution!
Heat pump drying, as a potential market for the cross-development of energy saving, agricultural machinery, and HVAC, has been in rapid development in recent years. It has received increasing attention from government agencies, as well as HVAC, agricultural machinery, agricultural product processing, and environmental protection industries.
The drying market has always been a short board for China's agricultural machinery market. The average level of drying rates for food, tea, medicinal materials, and sludge is relatively low. However, because of this, the market for heat pump dryers has great potential for development and has much room for improvement. With the increasing sales volume of heat pump dryers, its application effect has gradually been recognized by more people. At present, there are mainly three key areas of agriculture, industry and service industry.
From the current energy structure and environmental pressure, the development potential of heat pump drying is very large. According to statistics, under the same conditions, the heat pump drying system saves 70% of energy compared with coal-fired systems; carbon emissions are 70% lower; PM10, PM2.5, and other inhalable particulate pollutants are reduced by 99%. If the coal-fired barns are all replaced, the heat pump drying market is estimated to have an excess of trillion yuan.
Taking the coal-fired alternative to the tobacco drying system as an example, one person of the continuous tunnel type tobacco heat pump drying system can be responsible for managing 50 to 60 barn operations, saving 90% in manpower cost, while the domestic tobacco market has a barn holding capacity of 110. Million units, if all the current coal-fired barns are replaced, this alone is a market of 100 billion yuan.
The application of heat pumps is far from finished. Examples include domestic hot water, cryogenic storage, steam generation (attempt), cold and warm combined heat and waste heat recovery, and heat pump dryers. The air source heat pump is developing explosively, and it has been expanding its territory in various fields of our life and work. In time, air source heat pumps will surely form a huge trillion-level market and make even greater contributions to society with its features of energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency, intelligence and safety!
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