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The 14th China Heat Expo (China Heat Expo) will be held in Guangzhou in mid-August next year

Industry news
Release time:
2018/04/02 10:52
Time: August 16-18 Place: Guangzhou. Canton Fair Complex
Theme: Smart heating, low carbon energy, clean and efficient, green cycle
2018 China Thermal Energy/Thermal Industry Event
Construction of Industrial/Commercial Thermal Energy Ecosphere
130,000 square meters + scale
2000+ brand businesses in the field of heat energy
150,000 + global buyers and professional visitors
[Media Promotion and Cooperation]
Guangdong TV, Southern TV, Guangzhou Daily, Yangcheng Evening News, New Express, Hong Kong Commercial Daily, Tencent, Sina, NetEase, Sohu, China Guangwang, Xinhua, “Modern Heating”, "Brand Solar", "China Refrigeration Heat Pump & Air Conditioning", "Hot Working Process", "Metal Heat Treatment", "Heat Pump Market", "Heat Pump Business", China Electric Heating Network, China New Energy Net, China Stove Net, China Thermal Energy Equipment Network, China Heat Treatment Equipment Network, Heat Treatment House, China Heat Processing Network, China Heating Network, China Heating Information Network, China Central Heating Network, Smart Heating Network, China Heating Network, HC Heating Heating Network, China waste heat network, China waste heat power generation network, China Radiator Network, China Boiler Network, China Boiler Information Network, China Industrial Boiler Network, China Burner Network, China Pressure Vessel Network, China Thermal Power Industry Network, China Plate Heat Exchanger Network, China Drying Equipment Network, China Drying Network, China Dryer Network, China Dryer Network, Drying Equipment Network, China Chemical Equipment Network, China Thermal Network, China Heating Radiator Network, China Electric Heating Grid Network, China Energy Saving Industry Network, China Electric Heating Appliance Network, China Heat Pump Network, China Heating Radiator Network, China Heat Exchanger Network, China Heat Exchanger Equipment Network, China Biomass Energy Network, China Surface Treatment Network, China Painting Network, China Electroplating Network, China Foundry Network, Foundry World Network, Baizhu Network, Waste Heat Recovery Network, China Insulation Network, China Metallurgical Network, Low Carbon Industry Network, China Chemical Equipment Network, China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Network, China Industrial Energy Saving Network, Polaris Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Network, China Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Network, Guangdong Energy Saving Network, China Air Conditioning Refrigeration Network, China Energy Saving Online, Modern Energy Storage Network, China Plate Heat Exchanger Portal, Alibaba, China Energy Conservation Service Network , China Energy Network, International Energy Network, Point Green Network, Green Energy Saving Network, Green Energy Saving Photovoltaic Network, Green Energy Saving Boiler Network, China Eco-Friendly Environment Network, Environmental Protection 114, China Agriculture Network, Love China Energy Network, Polaris Environmental Protection Network, Polaris Environmental Protection Exhibition Website, Polaris Environmental Recruitment Network, Love China Energy Network...
1, background
As the most basic and most important form of energy conversion process, thermal energy and heat supply are widely used in industrial, commercial, and civilian applications. Thermal energy consumption is divided into two types: industrial/commercial heating and residential heating. China's resident market is seasonal, and climate change affects supply and demand, mainly in the north of China; the industrial/commercial heating market covers the entire country and accounts for more than 70% of total heat consumption in China. It is the main area of ​​China's heat consumption, especially In the more developed regions of the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and other industries, industrial heating, heating, commercial heating, central heating in the park, commercial and residential heating, heating and other thermal consumption have long-term and stable growth. According to the total heat distribution of the urban heat supply industry in China, the combined heat and power production accounted for 62.90%, the regional boiler room accounted for 35.75%, and the others accounted for 1.35%. The current thermal and thermal industries are in transition and upgrade stages. In addition to conventional fuel, coal-fired, gas, air-conditioning, gas-fired boilers, electric heating membranes, electric heating, geothermal heat pumps, solar energy, biomass and other renewable energy heating The form has entered people's field of vision and has achieved great development.
International market research agency GrandView Research released a report on thermal energy storage: By 2025, the global thermal energy storage market will reach 12.5 billion U.S. dollars. China is not only the second largest economy in the world, but also a manufacturing and industrial power. With the acceleration of industrialization and urbanization, the industrial and commercial thermal energy consumption market is huge! The Nineteenth Party of the Party clearly stated that protecting the ecological environment means protecting the productive forces and improving the ecological environment means developing the productive forces. The China Hot Expo will always adhere to the development concept of "intelligent heating, low-carbon energy conservation, clean and efficient, and green circulation". The "One Belt and One Road" development strategy will allow China's thermal energy technology to go global and promote the global development of thermal energy utilization industries.
2, HeatChina Overview
The China International Thermal Energy Technology Expo (HeatChina or China Thermal Expo) is the first professional exhibition platform in Asia that focuses on industrial heating, commercial heating, and central heating. It was founded in 2005 and is integrated with the Hongwei Group. Boiler, electric heat, hot water, heat pump, waste heat, solar energy, biomass energy and other trade shows, and develop the whole industry chain layout in the fields of combustion system, heat treatment, drying and drying, aiming to build a one-stop business procurement platform for thermal energy technology industry To promote industry exchanges and development. The China Thermal Expo is based in Guangdong, facing the whole country and radiating the world. After more than ten years of development, it has become one of the most influential and highest-profile events in the world.
HeatChina2017 was held on August 16-18 in Guangzhou • China Import and Export Fair Complex Hall, United Nations Industrial Development Organization, International Energy Agency, Danish Energy Agency, World Biomass Energy Association, German Federal Heating Industry Association, Rural China Energy industry associations and other relevant leaders attended the event. With an exhibition area of ​​80,000 square meters, this exhibition has attracted more than 1,200 brand enterprises and attracted over 100,000 visitors and visitors from all over the world. It has been highly recognized by energy and environmental protection authorities, associations and exhibitors at home and abroad. Guangdong TV, Southern TV, Guangzhou Daily, Yangcheng Evening News, New Express, Hong Kong Commercial Daily, Tencent, Sina, Netease, Sohu, China Mobile, Xinhua, China New Energy, 21 More than 300 media outlets, including Biomass.com, China Stoves and International Biomass, have conducted comprehensive news coverage before, during and after the show.
In August, it will once again meet with you at the 2018 China International Thermal Energy Technology Expo. Together with thousands of dealers and purchasers, we will work together to create a new chapter in the heat and jointly invigorate new markets for heat. I wish your visit to Yangcheng in August, happy and fruitful!
Exhibition schedule:
Arrivals on August 14-15, 2018
Launched on August 16-18, 2018
3, exhibition area setting
1) Boiler, heating system, combustion system exhibition area
2) Waste heat utilization area
3) Drying and Drying Area
4) Heat Treatment Zone
5) Heat Exchanger Area
6) Biomass energy exhibition area
7) Air Energy Exhibition Area
8) Geothermal Energy Zone
9) Solar Energy Zone
10) Heating Energy Saving and Accessories Pavilion
4, the same period activities
2018 Guangzhou International Heating Boiler and Combustion System Expo
2018 Guangzhou International Drying and Drying Technology Equipment Exhibition
2018 Guangzhou International Heat Treatment, Thermal Processing and Surface Treatment Exhibition
2018 Guangzhou International Waste Heat Recycling Industry Expo
2018 Guangzhou International Heat Exchanger and Heat Transfer Technology Exhibition
2018 Guangzhou International Air and Geothermal Energy Exhibition
2018 Guangzhou International Solar Energy Exhibition
2018 Asia-Pacific International Exhibition on Biomass Energy
2018 Asia Pacific International Biomass Energy Forum
2018 Asia Pacific International Wisdom Heating and Smart Energy Summit Forum
5. Cooperation and audience organization
1) Database optimization: refine 600,000 large-scale data of heat energy supply and consumption industrial chain and promote it from time to time.
2) Association cooperation: Maintain close contact with more than 100 domestic and foreign associations and research institutes to make full use of resources;
3) Media cooperation: Working closely with more than 300 public/industry media/self-media/live broadcast platforms/vertical communities/apps (news releases, BANNER exchanges, advertising exchanges, advertising, resource exchange, etc.) , Or adopt a strategic cooperation model, cooperative media to help spread exhibition information and assist in attracting investment;
4) Exhibition cooperation: Participate in the same type or related types of exhibitions/events (forums, conferences, lectures, annual meetings, press conferences, cocktail parties, etc.), publicize the exhibition, meet people in the industry, collect business cards, conference publications, etc.;
5) Mass mailings: e-mail, QQ/group, Wechat/group, SMS, etc.;
6) Information sending: Send H5 dynamic page (Yi Qixiu / Rabbit Show); Send tickets, invitations, exhibitions, etc.;
7) Telephone invitation: The project team, the business center, and the international department will jointly call the audience; the target task will be divided into people's time, ensure implementation and accomplish the goal.
8) The call center: more than 50 people call the team to contact the companies in the database every day;
9) International Department Promotion: Cooperating with more than 60 international related associations, media and exhibitions, and at the same time integrating various methods of promotion (cooperative associations, media, B2B platform, exhibitions, mail, telephone, social software invitation, etc.);
10) WeChat promotion: Make full use of WeChat public channel, accumulate fans, and expand exhibition communication;
11) Outdoor advertising: Outdoor advertising is put into the main building materials market and industrial park in Guangdong;
12) One exhibition and multiple exhibitions: China Thermal Expo & Clean Energy totaling 130,000 square meters, and more than 10 special exhibitions;
13) Organizing activities: pre-show press conferences, exchange cocktail parties, yacht salon meetings, selection activities, etc.; event organization activities (peaks, forums, awards, competitions, matchmaking, signing parties, salons, opening ceremony, road shows, product experiences Etc.) They may organize their own or cooperate with exhibitors; visit factory activities outside the exhibition; thank the guests for dinner, exhibitors, and audiences after the exhibition; continue to hold event meetings in the name of company / exhibition / association throughout the country;
14) Forum Improvements: Based on the nature of the industry, a variety of communication modes such as a row table/round table/Party may be adopted; the highlights of each forum activity are different, and the warm-up point for the next game is held; The identity of the participants;
15) Participate in activities: Participate in relevant exchange activities in industry associations/corporate organizations, publicize exhibitions, and expand personal connections; timely organize content and photos after each event, and send them through various channels (cooperative media, public number, circle of friends, Weibo, QQ, etc.);
16) Customer visits: visit the industry companies/associations/bases/trade centers/trading markets, etc.
17) Exhibitor cooperation: Invite distributors, agents, and other industry insiders to disseminate information through the hands of the exhibitors;
18) Celebrity Effect: Inviting leaders/experts/elites/stars to participate in exhibition activities to attract the audience;
19) Ticketing Strategy: All tickets are printed with commercial value; registered visitors are admitted free of charge in advance, the procedure is simple; on-site registration or charges;
20) Gift strategy: signing gifts, soliciting practical gifts, drawing red envelopes, housing gifts, reimbursement of oil expenses, exhibiting coupons, etc.
21) Pick-up service: During the exhibition, the bus will be dispatched to a professional audience to gather and transport visitors;
22) Sign-in optimization: Make full use of modern technology elements to make the sign-in model fast and effective (all shows use WeChat sign-in mode, supplemented by on-site registration);
23) Humanization of on-site service: The exhibition site is equipped with unlimited network (WIFI), coffee area, business negotiation area, rest area, etc. to provide humanized services;
24) Image Optimization: Including the exhibition computer/mobile phone official website, all kinds of designs at the exhibition site, staff dress talks, and journal design;
25) Video transmission: Record small videos for each exhibition and each event, and upload them to various video websites after being elaborated and widely spread in the commercial circle.
26) Black Technology - 365 antenna exhibition: 720-degree multi-dimensional visual scanning of the exhibition hall and each booth, all-round, full-year display, offline exhibition once, online exhibition for one year, the audience is at the scene of its exhibition! At the same time, the company can order factory panoramic scanning services.
6. Target audience
Industrial users: food, textile printing and dyeing, bleaching and dyeing, paper making, wood processing, automobiles, auto parts, petrochemicals, daily chemicals, food and beverage, wine, beverages, steel, smelting, die casting, medicine, dairy products, glass, leather, ceramics, Furnaces, aluminum, feed, etc.
Business users: hotels, restaurants, saunas, bathing centers, clubs, resorts, swimming pools, hospitals, real estate, schools, canteens, banks, financial institutions, stadiums, railways, shopping malls, subways, etc.;
Others: Thermal power plants, power plants, heat supply and services, energy conservation, construction projects, project installation, energy investment, import and export trade, energy management companies, research institutions, research institutes, design institutes, energy companies, agents, distributors, Associations, media, government procurement departments, etc.
【Product Range】
First, boilers, heating systems, combustion systems
1) Various kinds of boilers: gas boilers, steam boilers, steam generators, biomass boilers, oil-fired boilers, industrial boilers, electric boilers, wall-hung boilers, power station boilers, waste heat boilers, pulverized coal boilers, dual-fuel boilers, vacuum boilers, etc. Heating stoves;
2) Thermal energy systems, combustion systems, combustion equipment: cogeneration, thermal energy solutions, smart heating systems, thermal energy management systems, burners, burners, boiler networking, boiler automation, combustion control systems, central heating/heating Solutions, monitoring equipment and systems, etc.
3) Boiler-related equipment: boiler auxiliary equipment, intelligent production equipment for pressure vessels, welding, spraying, cutting, cutting, and other mechanical processing equipment and production lines;
Second, waste heat recovery and utilization: waste heat recovery and utilization equipment, waste heat power generation equipment, waste heat in the field of new technologies, waste heat boilers, etc.;
Third, drying, drying equipment: dryers, dryers, drying equipment, drying lines, high-temperature dehumidifiers, hot stoves, heat pumps, warm air furnace, etc.;
Heat Treatment, Thermal Processing: Heat Treatment, Thermal Processing Equipment, Thermal Conductive Materials, Refractory Materials, Fire Protection Materials, Industrial Furnaces, Kilns, Electric Heating Tubes, Electric Heating Elements, Electrothermal Manufacturing Equipment, Surface Treatment/Electroplating/Spraying/Painting/Casting/ Smelting equipment, etc.
Fifth, heat exchange equipment: all types of heat exchangers, heaters, radiators, collectors, etc.;
6. Renewable energy heating: solar energy, biomass energy, air energy, geothermal energy, etc.
Seventh, heating energy and accessories: instrumentation, grate, fan, controller, injection molding machine, pump, valve, pipe fittings, pipe, coal mill, coal feeder, deslagging machinery, boiler water treatment equipment, water pump, desulfurization / Denitrification equipment, dust removal equipment, exhaust gas treatment equipment, etc.
【Exhibition process】
1. Companies that are legally registered and payable in accordance with laws and regulations and provide copies of business licenses;
2. To register the information of HEATCHINA2018 exhibition on the website of participating companies before signing up for the exhibition;
3. The two parties sign the application form for the exhibition and remit the booth fee to the designated account of the conference within 5 working days.
The company has received the "Invitation Letter" from the Organizing Committee. Please fill in the "Application Form for Participation" in detail and return it to the Organizing Committee by post, mail or e-mail with official seal. The exhibitor will exhibit within 5 working days. Fees are charged to the designated account of the conference. After remittance, please provide the remittance base and billing information. If no payment is received during the period, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to cancel or adjust the booth.
Asian Association of Electrical Industry Associations, Asian Association of Building Technology Associations, Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao Economic and Trade Promotion Association of Guangdong Province
Guangdong Provincial Association of Foreign Economic Cooperative Enterprises, Guangdong Hongwei International Exhibition Group Co., Ltd.
Guangdong Hongwei International Exhibition Group Co., Ltd.
Support Units:
China Energy Conservation Association, China Rural Energy Industry Association Energy-Saving Appliances Special Committee, China Heat Pump Industry Alliance, China Solar Energy Engineering Alliance, China Household Electrical Appliances Association Solar Energy Appliances Special Committee, China Photovoltaic Application Innovation Alliance, China National Electrical Equipment Industry Association Industrial Household Appliances Branch , China Electric Apparatus Research Institute, Guangdong Environmental Protection Industry Association, Guangdong Province Circular Economy and Resources Comprehensive Utilization Association, Guangdong Energy Conservation Association, Guangdong Solar Energy Association, Guangdong Biomass Energy Industry Association, Shenzhen Household Electrical Appliance Industry Association, Shunde Sun Yat-sen Solar Energy Research Institute, China Southern Power Grid Integrated Energy Co., Ltd.
International institutions:
United Nations Industrial Development Organization, International Energy Agency, Danish Energy Agency, World Biomass Association, German Federal Heating Industry Association,
Danish District Heating Council, European Heating Association, German Building Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems Association, European Federal Heating, American Renewable Energy Council, American Electrical Manufacturers Association, International Refrigeration Research Institute, Hong Kong Electrical Appliance Manufacturers Association, Japan Electric Heating Association, Japan Household Electrical Appliances Association, Swiss Environmental Technology Promotion Agency, Independent Electricity Producers Association, Malaysian Federation of Biomass Industry, Singapore Solid Waste Management and Recycling Association, German Fuel Wood and Wood Fuel Particle Association, U.S. Wood Particle Fuel Association, Australian Bioenergy Association
[HEATCHINA Organizing Committee] For details, please visit: www.heat-china.com
Headquarters: 4th Floor, No.4, Jingu 3rd Street, Science City, Huangpu District, Guangzhou Postcode: 510530
International Department: 3rd Floor, No.7, Jinguyi Street, Science City, Huangpu District, Guangzhou, China 510530
Switchboard: 020-36657000/008
Fax: 020-36657099
Contact: Liang Haiyan 18813873631
The overall responsibility: Zhou Jianping 15975642556/18613028802
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