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Henan Zhongrui Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd. latest recruiting information

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Release time:
2018/03/30 11:03
Henan Zhongrui Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, design, manufacturing and engineering of refrigeration equipment such as cold storage, cold storage
Henan Zhongrui Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, design, manufacturing and engineering of refrigeration equipment such as cold storage, cold storage, quick-freezing warehouses and so on.
In order to expand the scale of production, the company has newly moved to the Science Park of the Central China University of Technology to introduce fin presses, shears, bending machines, four-column hydraulic presses and other CNC machine tools for sheet metal processing, cooling fan manufacturing and refrigeration unit assembly. Due to the increase in the scale of business expansion, the following personnel are currently recruited.
1. Secretary/Clerk (1):
Job Responsibilities:
(1) Assist the manager in the company's administrative affairs and the internal affairs of the department.
(2) Assist the manager to coordinate the company's various departments.
(3) Assist in the review and revision of the company's management rules and regulations, organize and manage daily administrative work
(4) Liaison with foreign related departments to receive visits, answer calls, answer consultations and transmit information.
job requirements:
(1) College degree or above in secretarial, administrative or related fields
(2) Has good textual skills and can write relevant documents according to the leadership requirements.
(3) Have good language skills and can communicate effectively with others.
(4) With computer skills, able to use office software.
2. Personnel Specialist (1)
Job Responsibilities:
(1) Assist senior leaders in charge of company recruitment and training;
(2) To establish and maintain the company's personnel files and handle entry, departure, promotion, and transfer procedures;
(3) Execute the operational procedures and implementation of various rules and regulations in all aspects of human resources management and cooperate with the work of other departments;
(4) Responsible for monthly attendance and payroll accounting of company employees;
(5) Assist leaders in establishing employee relations, coordinate employee relations with management, and organize employees' activities.
job requirements:
(1) College degree or above in human resources or related fields;
(2) More than 1 year working experience in human resources;
(3) Familiar with the operational procedures of all aspects of human resource management, with relevant working experience being preferred;
(4) Has good professional ethics, pragmatic and steady, careful work, strong sense of responsibility, strong communication and coordination skills, and teamwork spirit;
(5) Skilled use of related office software and basic network knowledge.
3. Sales Manager (2)
job requirements:
(1) Have certain sales experience in air conditioners, air coolers or sheet metal parts, and be familiar with air-conditioner products;
(2) Strong psychological pressure resistance, good management, organization and coordination, and basic negotiation skills;
(3) Being outgoing, good at communicating with others, and having certain leadership skills.
4. Purchase (1)
Job Responsibilities:
(1) Conscientiously implement the company's procurement management regulations and implementation details, and strictly follow the procurement plan, so that it is timely and applicable;
(2) Familiar with and master the market conditions, focus on collecting market information, conduct cost analysis, and timely feedback to market leaders on market prices and related information;
(3) Reasonably arrange the procurement order, and arrange purchase plans in advance for purchase of short supply products;
(4) Responsible for the management and development of suppliers and establish a good relationship with them;
(5) Conduct regular procurement analysis and establish supplier and contract files;
(6) Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.
job requirements:
(1) College degree or above, more than 1 year relevant work experience;
(2) A better understanding of the status of the mechanical and electrical industrial products industry;
(3) Serious work attitude, proactiveness and strong sense of responsibility;
(4) Has a high degree of enthusiasm and good teamwork.
5. Apprenticeship (2)
job requirements:
(1) Engaged in processing and learning of shears, bending machines, numerical control punches, etc.;
(2) Have a certain degree of mechanical mapping capabilities, will use measuring tools;
(3) Serious and responsible work, obeying arrangements
6. Welders (2-3)
job requirements:
(1) Welding or gas welding will be operated for cooling copper pipe welding;
(2) Has a certain ability to map, can operate according to the drawings
7. Unit assembler (2-3)
job requirements:
(1) Perform the installation of the refrigeration system, and install the refrigeration accessories and piping;
(2) Processing refrigeration equipment according to design drawings;
Company Name: Henan Zhongrui Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd.
Company Address: Building 10#, Science Park, Zhongyuan Institute of Technology, 107 National Road, Longhu Town, Xinzheng City
After the above-mentioned personnel were hired, they were treated favorably.
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