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Laser chiller working principle and installation precautions

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2018/04/02 10:16
Laser chiller products have outstanding cooling effect and low cooling cost. Before installing and using the laser chiller, the relevant personnel are required to firstly know the equipment performanc
Laser chiller products have outstanding cooling effect and low cooling cost. Before installing and using the laser chiller, the relevant personnel are required to firstly know the equipment performance, understand the use of common sense, cherish the equipment, and perform the operation carefully.
First, the laser chiller working principle
The principle of the laser chiller is to inject a certain amount of water into the stainless steel water tank of the chiller, and the water is cooled through the chiller's refrigeration system. (The refrigerant compressor will inhale the low-pressure low-temperature refrigerant gas (refrigerant: R22) in the evaporator. The cylinder, after doing work by the compressor, becomes a gas with higher pressure and temperature. It enters the condenser. The high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant gas exchanges heat with the cooling medium cooling air to transfer the heat to the laser chiller, and the refrigeration The agent gas condenses into a high-pressure liquid. The pressure of the water pump in the chiller is then used to transfer the cryogenic water to the laser equipment to be cooled. At this time, the water chilled by the chiller takes away the heat from the laser and the temperature rises. Return to the water tank and then through the chiller cooling cooling cycle, to achieve the cooling effect.
Second, installation precautions
(a) Open the package and check that the machine is in good condition and that the accessories are complete. The installer must have relevant expertise (or have professional advice)
(b) Confirm that the equipment is properly grounded. Although the average operating current of the chiller is not large, its instantaneous operating current may sometimes reach 6-10 amps.
(c) Unscrew the machine water inlet and add cooling water. Only neutral water can be used. Granular solids are not allowed in the water.
(d) In order to protect the circulating water pump, it is strictly prohibited to run without water!
(e) Make sure that the inlet of the chiller and the air outlet are smooth and do not put foreign objects inside the device!
(f) When an abnormal situation occurs, stop the operation of the machine, cut off the power supply, and give back to the professional anomaly, remembering that it cannot be used.
(g) When the water temperature is lower than the ambient temperature and the ambient humidity is high, condensation water may be generated on the surface of the circulating water pipe and the cooled device.
Third, the laser chiller cooling capacity
1. As the name implies, the actual cooling capacity of the cooling system is the first indicator of laser cooling equipment selection.
2. Generally, we can calculate the calorific power of the laser according to the photoelectric conversion efficiency of the laser, and then choose.
P hot = P laser / μ
3. In some cases, we determine the cooling capacity of the laser chiller directly based on the input power rating of the laser power supply minus the output power of the laser. For example, our commonly used RF lasers and solid-state lasers will indicate the rated full-power supply voltage and current. Take the coherent 70W RF laser as an example. It requires the power input 48V25A, instantaneous 36A, can calculate the input power up to 1200W.
Fourth, the laser chiller features and functions
1, exquisite design, installation, easy operation;
2. The cooling system adopts international brand components and the control precision is ±0.3°C ~ ±0.5°C;
3, circulating water system uses industrial plastic anti-rust water pump, stainless steel water tank, PVC connection material, no rust;
4, with a flow protection device that can output signals to external devices;
5. The thermostat adopts an electronic thermostat independently researched and developed, with multiple settings and fault prompting functions. It requires only one key operation (open key), and other functions are automatically realized by the memory function.
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