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Normal temperature dryer

Ehanced vapor injection compressor for heat pumps:Compressors being the core part of heat pump dryer, we select and use enhanced vapor injection compressors specially for heat pump, whch can ensure
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Product Description
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This is industry-leading normal temperature drying technology. The drying room  is totally enclosed,

in which air is circulating, and the dehumidifying capacity is considerable.

It is suitable for drying goods of normal temperature and high quality.

● High energy efficiency ratio 
Equipment of heat pump system inside the unit differentiates it from traditional drying units, so

that the unit can operate without the influence of ambient temperature. The COP of unit is more

than 3.0 in the low temperature of -30℃, radically resolving the dramatic decline in drying

capacity of traditional drying units in low temperature environment. 
● Enclosed circulating 
Enclosed circulation system and antiseptic technology can kill most mould and micro-creature,

preventing goods from pollution in the process of drying. 
● Intelligent control 
The intelligent control mainboard of the unit has multiple functions, such as operation control and

safety protection. With faster processing speed, higher sensitivity, and stronger anti-interference

ability, the unit can operate steadily in bad environment. 
● Easy to install
This type of drying unit just needs to be connected to the air channel at the scene, and then it

can start working, which is easy and convenient, needless to debug.  This type of drying unit just

needs to be connected to the air channel at the scene, and then it can start working, which is

easy and convenient, needless to debug. 


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Technical Parameters
Model   10P 15P 20P
Unit Type   ZR-CHG-2000 ZR-CHG-4000 ZR-CHG-6000
Range of ambient temperature -20~43 -20~43 -20~43
Range of drying temperature 30~50 30~50 30~50
Rated dehumidifying capacity kg/h 41 61 82
Compressor power kW 7.3 11.3 14.7
Power Source V/PH/Hz 380/3/50 380/3/50 380/3/50
Compressor Type   scroll compressor scroll compressor scroll compressor
compressor quantity measure word for machines 1 1 2
Refrigerant   R22/R407C R22/R407C R22/R407C
Fan Power kW 1.1 2.2 3
Rated air flow m³/h 2000 4000 6000
UF plenum Pa 150 180 240
Electric heating capacity kW 5 8 12
Boundary Dimensions mm 3200×1200×2800 3200×1200×2800 3200×1500×2800
Weight kg 2050 2400 2820
Note: standard testing condition: ambient dry and wet bulb temperatures are 20℃ and 15℃ respectively; dry bulb temperatures in drying room are 36℃, and relative humidity is 65%.


Product outline drawing
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