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Split type heat pump dryer

The main and auxiliary engine of split type heat pump dryer is mounted seperatly connecting with coppers, which is convenient for air duct design. Main engine layout can be discretionary.
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Product Description
Outline Drawing

The main and auxiliary engine of split type heat pump dryer is mounted seperatly connecting with coppers,

which is convenient for  air duct design. Main engine layout  can be discretionary. More scientific air duct

layout can ensure more even dry humidity of materials according to customer's requirements. 


●Ehanced vapor injection compressor for heat pumps
Compressors being the core part of heat pump dryer, we select and use enhanced vapor

injection compressors specially for heat pump, whch can ensure normal operation of the unit

under the temperature of 10℃ below zero, and a high-efficient and strong heating power. Thus,

the problem that previous heat pump dryers' efficiency greatly declines in low temperature

environment is solved. 
●High Efficient heat exchanger

The combination of Hydrophilic aluminum foil corrugated fins and high efficient internal thread

heat-transferring copper pipe makes process of defrosting and draining swift, and ensures

efficient heat-exchange. The selected aluminium alloy end plate is resilient and corrosion-

●Electric expansion valve
Selecting industry-leading impulse type electric expansion valve and pressure sensors can

ensure a quick reaction, an accurate adjustment, a wide application arrange(high or low

temperature) of the unit, improving energy efficiency ratio.
●Intelligent control
The intelligent control mainboard of the unit, with muti-functions, such as operational control and

safety protection, has faster processing speed, higher sensitivity, better ability of anti-interference,

keeping the unit operating steadily under bad conditions.
●Efficient heat recycle
Intergral heat pump dryer integrates with heat recycle equipment, so that a great deal of waste

heat released when can be recycled, with a rate of more than 60%.
The module combination of the units makes the design of drying-chambers and the match of

units’ number more flexible. The number of modules is intelligently controlled according to load

change, so that the whole unit can operate with a low energy consumption and long service life.

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Technical Parameters
Model     7P 14P
Range of Application       Range of operating temperature -10~43
Range of dring temperature 30~75
Outdoor machine Unit Type   ZR-FHG-07SW ZR-FHG-14SW
Rated heating capacity kW 19.7 39.4
Input power KW 4.85 9.7
Power Source V/PH/Hz 380/3/50 380/3/50
Compressor Type   scroll type high temperature enhanced vapor injection
Refrigerant   R134a R134a
Boundary Dimensions 975×860×1600 1650×860×1600
Size of coupling pipe inch 1/2,3/4 1/2,3/4
Weight kg    
Indoor machine Unit Type   ZR-FHG-07SN ZR-FHG-14SN
Fan Power(W) KW 1.1 1.1
Rated Air Flow  m3/h 9500 19000
Air pressure Pa 150 150
Electric heating capacity kW 5 10
Boundary Dimensions mm 1000×900×900 1600×900×900
Size of coupling pipe inch 1/2,3/4 1/2,3/4
Weight kg 155 255
Product outline drawing
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